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On this page, Seven Angels care and Support Services will discuss how you can request NDIS transport allowance in your plan if you need to travel with your Support Worker outside of your home because of your disability. NDIS travel allowance for providers is something different, which we’ll also discuss below.

Following are three reasons you may need to have travel funding:

  • First, you need someone to drive you to and from medical appointments.
  • Second, you need to go places to go about daily living.
  • Third, you need someone to take you places so you can connect with others.

If your everyday support needs are especially high, you may also want to consider Supported Independent Living.

What is NDIS Transport Allowance?

Transport allowance enables participants to access disability supports outside their homes and achieve their plan goals.

You will access funding through the NDIS for transport help if you can’t use public transport without substantial difficulty because of your disability. The funding considers any relevant taxi subsidy scheme.

How do you know if you’re eligible to receive a travel allowance? How do you go about claiming it? You can go here to read the NDIS requirements for this funding.

NDIS can fund you to pay a provider to transport you to an activity that isn’t a support or is a support delivered by another provider. Examples of this include travel to and from appointments with a GP or a physiotherapist, or to and from your workplace.

The NDIS travel allowance won’t cover transport help for carers to take their family member with a disability to everyday commitments.

If that describes your situation, then apply for the Multi Purpose Taxi Program. That may be one way to reduce your costs.

Why is the NDIS Travel and Transport Allowance Important?

Travel help allows you to complete your daily tasks and meets your need to live a sustainable life.

Seven Angels care and Support Services wants to assist you through travel to increase your mobility, giving you the ability to get things done and fulfil important tasks.

Your independence is a priority for Seven Angels. We can support your travel goals so you can become more mobile and independent in your life. 

What Does NDIS Travel and Transport Assistance Look Like?

Discuss with your Support Worker the travel assistance you need to meet your individual needs and goals.

Regarding travel, Seven Angels can help you improve your daily living, including the following tasks:

  • Learn to use public transport – funding for Life Skills Training and Development can help you develop these skills.
  • Go grocery shopping with your Support Worker,
  • Visit your local chemist to pick up your prescriptions,
  • Attend your appointments,
  • Get involved in your community by attending events, groups, or clubs,
  • Visit the park or library.

What Are Some Examples of How the NDIS Transport Allowance Can Help You? 

We’re going to list three ways travel funding can help you (just to get your brain firing ideas):

  • Build your mobility so that you can move freely and easily to achieve your everyday goals and important tasks.
  • Teach you how to use public transport so you can have the confidence to do it on your own.
  • Increase your independence through your new skills navigating public transport or your Support Worker’s driving help.

What is NDIS Travel Allowance for Providers?

NDIS providers claim for the time Support Workers spend driving to you.

Here’s an example of why NDIS providers need to claim this payment:

A Support Worker sees four participants in a day, spending 30 minutes driving to each one, meaning they’re spending two hours driving. It’s only fair they get paid for their time.

NDIS allows providers to claim 30 minutes of Provider Travel to a Participant for each shift.

NDIS charges $57.10 per hour for Provider Travel since 1 Jul 2021. You can expect your NDIS Provider to make sure your plan covers this.

If you have a Support Coordinator or plan management, they can help you understand this more clearly.

Conclusion: How Can I Access This Funding?

To sum up, we’re going to look at some final thoughts. Four things that answer the question, what’s the next step?

First, if you have Core funding for Travel in your NDIS plan, then you can access this support from Seven Angels. Want to use this funding? Speak to your Support Coordinator or Support Worker.

Second, unsure whether you have this funding in your plan? Give Seven Angels a call on 1800009924 or fill out the form below.

Third, if you don’t have an NDIS plan, apply for the NDIS and see if you can get the help you need.          

Finally, you have flexibility with the funding in your plan to use it to meet your needs. As a result, make sure you request funding for transport if it helps you build your independence and reach your goals.


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