Welcome to Heaven

Experience The Latest in Concept Leisure

Good massage is not enough! Our aim is to make you feel like you are actually in Heaven. For Real!

Seven Angels is a revolutionary First Class Thai Massage franchise with the Pilot location in Cremorne since August 2016. Designed to delight the five senses while healing your body and mind. Seven Angels is the Massage Service of Tomorrow.

We believe that doing Good to others is good for karma and we honor the sacred Nuat Thai traditions.

Call (02) 9953 4777 to Book Now or Buy Online for a next business day bookings. Order Gift Voucher or a Multipass ONLINE. We always have campaigns going on so make sure you Follow us on Facebook.

Our masseuse are handpicked perfectionists who respect the ancient ways, and hold themselves to the highest standards.

They bring healing energy and a sincere desire to help people through the 2500 year old Nuat Thai techniques. We motivate our people to improve and give them a chance to earn more for excellence.

Exclusive Massage Services

Workaholic Dream, Luxury Thai Oil Massage, The Tingles and The Perfectionist are some of the exclusive Massage Services offered by Seven Angels.

Watching the photos and videos will help you decide what service would best suit you. If you have questions or doubts please give us a call and we are happy to help. You can pre-book right on your phone using Fast PayPal Checkout or your Credit Card. Online bookings often come with Discounts so you could also save Save Money while doing so.

Carefully crafted to take the most out of the precious minutes you have decided to spend on relaxation with your busy schedule. We respect that. We know that time is Not money. Time is Priceless.

Please keep in mind that buying our services Online is only available for the following day. Same day bookings should be done over the phone (02) 99534777.

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Reasons to visit Seven Angels

  1. You are Stressed and want to feel better
  2. Draining day at the office
  3. Long flights, before and after
  4. Because you became a Mother
  5. You push your Body to the Limits at the gym
  6. You Love to be Spoiled and Pampered
  7. You have Stress, Lower back Pain etc

The kind of atmosphere you deserve

We evoke the serenity and energy of our ancient art. Angelic ambience and the scent of fresh coconuts fill the air. Everything is clean and pristine. And every element promotes total relaxation and preserves the sanctity of the ancient ways.

We are family, baby, pet friendly. Young mums can take their bubs with them and enjoy this much deserved vacation while we change nappies and warm up the milk bottle.

Yes, you can walk on clouds.

Using completely harmless regular ice based technology you can actually walk on clouds if you so desire.

Finally there is a place in Sydney where you can walk on clouds, literally! Welcome to Heaven:)

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The perfect Thai massage experience

Every aspect of Seven Angels is created to put your mind and body on cloud 9. All five of your senses are awakened. Your muscles are totally relaxed, and your mind and spirit are rejuvenated.

It’s massage the way it was meant to be.

Our Story

While preparing to have a baby me and my husband felt that even with thousands of choices for Massage that there was No Premium Go-To Brand. Place that delivers your money worth every single time. Where you could take your family or baby without having to worry about hygiene or sexual innuendo.

We imagined how the industry would evolve and how a Thai Massage brand would look like in year 2050 and “Heaven” themed family friendly Concept Leisure brand Seven Angels was born. The Angels refers to masseuse with beautiful soul and exceptional talent. They take care of your well-being like celebrity hospital nurses.

I welcome you to come and try for yourself. Take some time off with us and try the unique Seven Angels experience – risk free. We have 7 minute money back guarantee. No questions asked.

You deserve an Amazing Massage!