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What are NDIS activities? 

Social activities and recreational activities are any activities that you can be involved in within you community that sparks your interest. Join in on group and centre based activities where we can assist you to participate in the community. Salt would love to help you take part in the things you enjoy doing to improve your wellbeing.

Why are NDIS activities important?

Social and recreational activities are great ways to get involved with your local community groups, centres, events and clubs so that you feel included. Learn a new skill along the way and increase your confidence. Socialise with other and feel involved while doing things you enjoy. 

What are some examples of how NDIS activities can help you? 

  • Build you social skills and feel neighbourly when connecting with others and meeting new people
  • Improve your confidence while learning new skills and developing your existing skills
  • Participate in things that bring you joy so that you can live an even more fulfilling life

What does NDIS activities look like?

  1. Visit your local library or go to the state library
  2. Head to the movies
  3. Play some golf or bowling
  4. Visit a local community centre and check out their programs
  5. Join a sport club or coaching lessons
  6. Get a coffee while going shopping
  7. Join a club of your liking like a book, walking, gardening, fishing or cooking club
  8. Participate in social outings
  9. Go to a museum 

How can I access this support?

If you have Core funding for “Assistance with Social, Economic, and Community Participation” in your NDIS plan then you can access this support from us. Funding in your plan is flexible and is used to meet your needs, if you would like this support then let you Support Coordinator and Support Worker know. 

If you don’t know if you have this funding in your plan then also speak with your Local Area Coordinator or the NDIS on 1800 800 110. If you’re not with the NDIS but you want to join and receive this support, see if you’re eligible for community participation in our How to Apply of NDIS page or call the NDIS on 1800 8000 110.

To learn more about recreational and social activities here: 

NDIS Community Participation

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Each individual must find a good, suitable, and long-term job. You can get assistance through the NDIS. The program can help people with disabilities get and keep a job, be promoted to a better position, and develop their workplace skills.


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