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What is innovative community participation?

Innovative community participation is like typical community participation, however this is specific to those who would like to be involved in supports offered by Seven Angels. Seven Angels provides supports to the community that you can also be involved in and use your NDIS funding to attend, however, some of Salt’s supports don’t require funding as well. You can be involved in the community, make connections, socialise and receive supports through our programs, activities and events. 

Why is innovative community participation important?

Participating in the community improves well-being as you are able to feel connected to people and the community. Improved well-being also affects different aspects of life including education, employment, health, and satisfaction, and your well-being is our priority. The community also benefits from your involvement as it means that Seven Angels can continue to run our community participation programs and help more people like you.

What are some examples of how innovative community participation can help you?  

  • Learn new skills or build on your existing skills to give you more independence in your life
  • Socialise and make connections, create a network of friends and 
  • Network and find out about new opportunities and supports that you can be involved in
  • Increase you independence and ability to live on your own and look after yourself 

What does innovative community participation look like?

Seven Angels offers the following support:

  • Cooking classes where you can learn new skills, techniques and recipes. You can access this community participation program through your NDIS funding
  • Food relief community dinners and food distribution that are free to attend and are for those who don’t have food on the table 

To get involved with these programs, let your Support Coordinator, Support Worker or Call us on 1800009924

How can I access this support?

If you have Capacity Building funding for “Increased Social and Community Participation” in your NDIS plan then you can access this support from us. Funding in your plan is flexible and is used to meet your needs, if you would like this support then let you Support Coordinator and Support Worker know. 

If you don’t know if you have this funding in your plan then also speak with your Local Area Coordinator or the NDIS on 1800 800 110. If you’re not with the NDIS but you want to join and receive this support, see if you’re eligible for community participation call the NDIS on 1800 8000 110.

If you need this kind of support because of your disability then we can help you out! callus on 1800009924.

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